SignE and Logistics at Your Service

The world is constantly changing.

Affected by the global economy, service providers are regularly forced to re-evaluate their competitiveness and how to best position themselves in the business ecosystem. In addition, service industry workers demand a higher level of participation and more dynamic organisational structures.

isMobile follow these changes and react by providing our customers with adaptive workforce management tools and services. Introducing; 

SignE - electronic signatures made easy

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Logistics - smarter equipment tracking

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isMobile is, through our partners and customers, envolved in a number of large-scale Smart Meter Rollout projects throughout Europe. The rollout of smart meters is only one part of the Smart Grid evolution which will increase the demand for flexible workforce support.

It's About People

At isMobile we build our product offering on two beliefs.

  1. It’s About People. Efficiency starts and ends with serving people.
  2. Efficiency is a question about how to react to real-time changes.

These new products are developed with that in mind.

Welcome to our world.