Experience and market trends

For service and maintenance companies the mobile workforce is both a crucial asset and a large cost. It is usually also the last part of the company to be fully incorporated in the company’s business system. 

At isMobile we have deep application knowledge and technical skills within workforce optimization, scheduling and dispatching. Tested and delivered to our valued customers.

Today we see a number of trends that validates our approach regarding workforce management. 

  1. There are a number of large-scale projects going on right now. We have a long track-record of facilitating high-volume projects at customers like Gas Natural, Enexis and Vattenfall.
  2. We have helped our customers with the intensive Smart Meter Rollout throughout Scandinavia and have optimized our workforce management offerings based on these major rollout projects. Experience to be used in major Smart Meter Rollout projects in rest of Europe, happening now. The rollout of smart meters is only one part of the Smart Grid evolution which will increase the demand for flexible workforce support.
  3. Industrial use of Internet of Things is booming, not only in the energy sector with the Smart Meter Rollout as a current example. The Infrastructure sector with its Smart Roads, Smart Signs, Smart Lights etc. is another example. And more industry sectors will be or are currently in a major transition phase based on the IoT paradigm. This will drive development of new business models (moving from selling products to offering functions with a monthly subscription) and bring both challenges and opportunities to the market. It demands a workforce management solution that supports multiple organizational setups with a focus on managing subcontractors
  4. Being customer-driven. We have everything we need to be able to keep our promises to our customers. We can meet on their terms; let them decide when and where. But this also means we need a system that supports this new paradigm.
  5. Efficiency is a question about how to react to real-time changes. Challenges that separate systems from real-time solutions. We call it situation-smart workforce management. A human BOTTOM-UP approach made as an agile system to deliver bottom-line efficiency. Always - in every situation - having three categories of participants in mind; field service person, the customer and the back-office.
  6. The field technician role is in transition as a result of the trends mentioned above. She/he will work more often representing multiple organisations from one assignment to another. A normal day will more often include a number of switches between normal and emergency processes. The use of smartphones in the field with easy-to-use tools is changing and will continue to change how a person in the field will do the job. 
  7. Having a true mobile and paper-free managed process. The advent of mobile technology has provided us with wireless access to whatever data we need at any given time. And as an added bonus, the emerging generation of workers are intimately familiar with computers and mobile devices, making arduous training all but obsolete.

All our customer experiences are built-in into our full-blown enterprise workforce management solution Blå Coordinator, installed on premises or used as a cloud service.

For high-volume applications like Smart Meter Rollout a specific optimized mobile workforce management package (based on necessary modules within Blå) is offered as a cloud service. 

Blå Coordinator has in-built experience from demands within the following industries: