isMobile SignE - electronic signatures made easy

Enhance your Workforce Management solution with isMobile Add-on software tools for the people working in the field. One such service is isMobile SignE

isMobile Smart Meter Tools - manage individual meters

Smart Meter Tools by isMobile is a set of tools that provide field technicians with methods to directly manage individual meters.

SignE - electronic signatures made easy

SignE is a software service to manage hand-written signatures using any pen-equipped Android tablet. SafeSign can easily be implemented into Blå Coordinator or similar workforce management software.  

When the work order is done, the field service technician can use the SignE to create an electronic receipt to validate that the customer has received the service as specified by the work order data. 

SignE can also be used as a sales receipt for additional sales if the visit from the field service technician resulted in a purchased upgrade or add-on. Other uses includes subscribing to services, entering contracts and agreements etc. 

Simple, secure. Resulting in more Add-on sales.


Once signed, an XML-based electronic document containing, among other things: work order or agreement details, date and time of signature, GPS coordinates, the identities of the field technician and any signing parties and more is created. The created document adheres to the XAdES (XML Advanced Electronic Signatures) standard which is compliant with the European EIDAS regulation which is legally binding in all the member states of the European Union since July 2014.

An XadES signature provides the ability to:

  • Uniquely the signature to the signatory.
  • Identify the signatory.
  • Ensure that only the signatory has control of the data used for the signature creation.
  • Verify that data attached to the signature has not been changed after signing.

Display view, Receipt view and printing

The layout and information of the display view can be fully customized with customer logotypes and dynamic information contained within the work order since the layout of the display view is specified through an XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language).

An XSL transformation in SignE transforms the style sheet and work order XML data into HTML which is then displayedon the Android device. In addition to work order information, the display view may also contain one or more signature boxes where the parties can enter their handwritten signatures.

Once the display view has been reviewed and (optional) signatures have been entered, the operator is asked to select a digital certificate to be used for digitally signing the resulting XML data.

After the certificate has been selected, the application will render a new HTML document – the receipt view. The receipt view may also include images of the hand written signatures. The receipt view also typically has a different layout that lends itself better to printing. Therefore, the receipt view often includes a button to print the receipt on a mobile printer.

Attaching the result to the work order / sales order

Once the signature receipt has been printed, the operator exits SignE whereupon it returns both the produced (XadES-compliant) XML result and images of the rendered views to the Application used on the handheld device (Blå Android if using SignE as a value-add module within Blå Coordinator).  The result can be attached to the work order to be synchronized to the server on the next server synchronization event.

Biometric verification

The hand written signatures may optionally be biometrically verified using a combination of time, position and pressure. This makes it is possible to verify the identity of individual signers for an additional layer of security.

Smart Meter Tools - manage individual meters

Smart Meter Tools by isMobile is a set of tools that provide field technicians with methods to directly manage individual meters.

Situations when Smart Meter Tools are used

  • The smart meter is located in an area with communication problems
  • The field technician is physically at the site where the meter is installed and want to fix or test on site
  • The meter needs to be verificatied on site due to a customer complaint

Short description of Smart Meter Tools

isMobile Smart Meter Tools are able to manage authentication, read and write meter data even if the authentication keys may have an extra encryption layer. The tools can handle the most common protocols on the market, compliant to ANSI C12.18.