All our customer experiences are built-in into our full-blown enterprise workforce management solution Blå Coordinator. For high-volume applications like Smart Meter Rollout, we have a specific optimized mobile workforce management package (using necessary Blå base modules) with a predefined workflow. Offered as a cloud service.

Key values for our Smart Meter Rollout package

In dealing with large-scale projects — such as rolling out smart metering to households nationwide — there are a number of experiences that we see crucial for a winning workforce management solution:

  • High hit-rate for first appointment - smart planning and customer interaction
  • Get in control of massive volume of work - handling real-time changes
  • Efficient Meter switch 
  • Quality Control & Follow-up
  • Efficient Logistics - plan, monitor and control flow of Smart Meter devices

Predefined workflow for Meter Exchange

isMobile Smart Meter Rollout package has a predefined workflow. Here are some features listed. See detailed information in the Smart Meter Rollout brochure.


Real-time integration is supported by the Blå Coordinator integration adaptor (CIA). This includes work order creation, modification, assignment of resources to execute a work order, receive notifications of work orders or assignment status changes etc.

Import information needed to roll-out from your own information systems. The import can be done by either using non real-time transfer of data (using csv files as an example) or by using real-time transfer of data such as integrated web services.


Begins with organizing the work into Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) by using rules, automatic GIS tools or Blå Cockpit or a combination of the above. Based on the MSA information and the groups of resources available, a pre-planned time slot reservation is done.


Based on the information from the customer information system and the pre-planning, a letter is automatically created stating the time slot in which the work order is to be completed. The letter contains a reference on how to rebook the work order if needed.


The Rebooking portal and SMS reminder provide efficiency regarding communications between end-customer and the call center.


An essential part of meter exchange process is the planning of resources and support for the technician to optimize her/his work, see chapter Situation-smart functionality for Blå Coordinator. This include automated re-routing of field persons based on real-time changes. Smart Meter Rollout is based on using standard SmartPhones or Laptops.


Smart Meter Rollout supports both Operational Report generation as well as Follow-up reporting. The predefined report has multiple functions to capture information and photos about the old and the new meter.



Smart Meter Rollout includes a logistic system for keeping track of equipment; from production site, during central storage, regional warehouse storage, truck transportation to final installation. The articles are tracked as individuals giving complete data for each article about customer, project, shipment, type, serial number, location, location type (main, sub, mobile, …) , status, etc. Supports mobile barcode scanning using mobile phones/tablets combined with internal/external scanners.

Get a Smart Meter Rollout project up and running within a week

The Smart Meter Rollout package with its predefined workflow is ready to use, offered as a cloud service. If you want your own specific configuration of the workflow then Blå Coordinator with its full-blown flexibility can be used.

Read more about

  • how to communicate with customers
  • preplan your projects
  • understand the capabilities of different type of job scheduling
  • grasp all the possibilities of creating work orders
  • get behind the scenes regarding workorder planning
  • feel how technicians in the field are supported

in our brochure Smart Meter Rollout. Click below to download.

Smart Meter Tools by isMobile is a set of tools that provide field technicians with methods to directly manage individual meters.