All our customer experiences are built-in into our full-blown enterprise workforce management solution Blå Coordinator. For high-volume applications like Smart Meter Rollout, we have a specific optimized mobile workforce management package (using necessary Blå base modules) with a predefined workflow. Offered as a cloud service.

Key values for our Smart Meter Rollout package

In dealing with large-scale projects — such as rolling out smart metering to households nationwide — there are a number of experiences that we see crucial for a winning workforce management solution:

  • High hit-rate for first appointment - smart planning and customer interaction
  • Get in control of massive volume of work - handling real-time changes
  • Efficient Meter switch 
  • Quality Control & Follow-up
  • Efficient Logistics - plan, monitor and control flow of Smart Meter devices

Predefined workflow for Meter Exchange

isMobile Smart Meter Rollout package has a predefined workflow


Import information needed to roll-out from your own information systems. The import can be done by either using non real-time transfer of data (using csv files as an example) or by using real-time transfer of data such as integrated web services.


Begins with organizing the work into Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) by using rules, automatic GIS tools or Blå Cockpit or a combination of the above. Based on the MSA information and the groups of resources available, a pre-planned time slot reservation is done.


Based on the information from the customer information system and the pre-planning, a letter is automatically created stating the time slot in which the work order is to be completed. The letter contains a reference on how to rebook the work order if needed.


The Rebooking portal and SMS reminder provide efficiency regarding communications between end-customer and the call center.


An essential part of meter exchange process is the planning of resources and support for the technician to optimize her/his work, see chapter Situation-smart functionality for Blå Coordinator. This include automated re-routing of field persons based on real-time changes. Smart Meter Rollout is based on using standard SmartPhones or Laptops.


Smart Meter Rollout supports both Operational Report generation as well as Follow-up reporting. The predefined report has multiple functions to capture information and photos about the old and the new meter.

Get a Smart Meter Rollout project up and running within a week

The Smart Meter Rollout package with its predefined workflow is ready to use, offered as a cloud service. If you want your own specific configuration of the workflow then Blå Coordinator with its full-blown flexibility can be used.

Read more about

  • how to communicate with customers
  • preplan your projects
  • understand the capabilities of different type of job scheduling
  • grasp all the possibilities of creating work orders
  • get behind the scenes regarding workorder planning
  • feel how technicians in the field are supported

in our brochure Smart Meter Rollout. Click below to download.