Ready-to-Use Workforce Management Solutions for an ever-changing world.

The world is constantly changing. Affected by the global economy, service providers are regularly forced to re-evaluate their competitiveness and how to best position themselves in the business ecosystem. In addition, service industry workers demand a higher level of participation and more dynamic organizational structures.

Let’s talk about situation-smart workforce management.

A human BOTTOM-UP approach made as an agile system to deliver bottom-line efficiency. 




Blå Coordinator is our Workforce Management solution, used by customers all over Europe. Blå Coordinator is Your choice when You need management of multiple types of workorders, different service teams, various ways of reporting, integration with corporate systems, complex organizational setups and a high volume of assignments. Supporting Emergency, Preventive Care and Installation processes simultaniously.

Smart Meter Rollout

Blå Coordinator can also be configured as a workforce management package for high-volume applications like Smart Meter Rollout (with a predefined workflow). 

The Smart Meter Rollout package is used as a cloud service.


Mobile Workforce Tools

Enhance your Workforce Management solution with isMobile add-on tools and services for the people working in the field. One such tool is isMobile SignE. After having delivered a service, the field service technician can use the isMobile SignE tool to create an electronic receipt - dramatically reducing the time from service done to invoice sent.

Smart Meter Tools by isMobile is a set of tools that provide field technicians with methods to directly manage individual meters.


Logistics is a logistic system for keeping track of goods in high-volume applications like Smart Meter Rollout projects; from production site, during central storage, regional warehouse storage, truck transportation to final installation.

For handling registrations of articles in an efficient way when location is changed isMobile Logistics has support for mobile barcode scanning using mobile phones/tablets combined with internal/external scanners.


Resource Optimizer - optimizing the utilization of mobile staff even in very fast-changing and dynamic operations. Resource Optimizer can use travel distances and expected road travel times to find the best situated resource for a new assignment. In addition, it also utilizes the skills of your personnel. By using advanced algorithms, the Resource Optimizer considers the entire schedule in real-time and plans with the goal to minimize your costs and the impact on the environment - while maximizing your service response.

The Resource Optimizer is used as a service within Blå Coordinator or as as a cloud service to complement other WFM solutions.

Appointment Optimizer - is created to solve a specific problem: to quickly optimize a large number of similar assignments and create near-optimal routes. When having near-optimal routes it is easy to propose a time-slot for an appointment to the end-customer. The assignment similarity condition is simple: all the assignments in the optimization batch must have the same skill set requirements and, on average, the same duration.

The Appointment Optimizer is used as a cloud service. The optimal scenario is to use Appointment Optimizer to create a time-slot appointment plan and - when all the appointments are scheduled - run the Resource Optimizer to optimize the daily operations.

SignE - electronic signatures

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