About isMobile

The world is constantly changing. Affected by the global economy, service providers are regularly forced to re-evaluate their competitiveness and how to best position themselves in the business ecosystem. In addition, service industry workers demand a higher level of participation and more dynamic organisational structures. But these ideas are traditionally counterintuitive to cost-efficiency.

How do you take best practices based on input from your organisation and partners and incorporate them without fragmenting the system? How to adapt to changing future demands from our customers, still using the same system? How fast can a modified service model (and necessary IT-system adaptations) be deployed? How do you dramatically increase flexibility in work order management in order to be better prepared to handle changes in clients’ conditions in real-time?

In addition, business is personal. Business is conducted between people, not companies. When all is said and done, how well we get along determines who we work with. But as we rely more on our phones and email, on call centers or an inhouse sales force, we spend less time face-to-face with our customers.

By empowering field service personnel we can reclaim the customer visit. They are out there, every day, close to your customer; they must radiate professionalism, expertise and the ability to deliver the right level of service.

The world needs an enterprise with an entirely new approach to mobile workforce management. Welcome to IsMobile – creating a Smarter, Agile and more Human service

Efficiency starts and ends with serving People.


Key facts about isMobile

  • isMobile is a rapidly growing Swedish company founded in 2000, active in the mobile workforce management solution market

  • TeliaSonera is the main share holder, other share holders are the founders and the isMobile staff

  • Blå Coordinator is the state-of-the-art comprehensive mobile workforce management solution from isMobile that is delivered to world-market clients like Eltel Networks, Gas Natural, Vattenfall, Maintpartner, Kamstrup, NCC and many more

  • isMobile delivers two types of solutions; either an enterprise workforce management solution with the full-blown Blå Coordinator OR specific optimized mobile workforce management packages as a cloud service for specific high-volume applications like Smart Meter Rollout

  • Sales and implementation is done through a network of partners to guarantee total customer satisfaction

The optimization delivered by the solution is among the best we’ve seen
— IT director at a customer