Blå Coordinator is a comprehensive mobile workforce management solution that enables enterprises to mobilise their field force operations, to improve customer service by reducing lead times and to increase productivity. Blå Coordinator allows field personnel, both corporate and sub-contractors, to access enterprise processes using laptops, PDAs, smart phones and ordinary telephones.

The optimisation delivered by the solution is among the best we’ve seen
— IT director at one of our customers

Situation-smart workforce management

Let’s talk about situation-smart workforce management. A human BOTTOM-UP approach made as an agile system to deliver bottom-line efficiency. A system built to react to real-time changes. Always - in every situation - having three categories of participants in mind; Field service person/team, the Back-office and the Customer.

BACK-OFFICE   being In control, managing many activities with real-time changes as the major ingredient


being In control, managing many activities with real-time changes as the major ingredient

CUSTOMER / STAKEHOLDER   expecting just in time delivery, superb quality at the lowest price


expecting just in time delivery, superb quality at the lowest price

Situation-smart functionality


Enabling the service staff to get real-time access to detailed work order information, company intranet information and other mobile service colleagues by mobile communication.

  • True mobile and paper-free digitally managed process, for any device
  • Combined Online/Offline Functionality
  • Transparency between back-office, field persons and cross field teams
  • Smart time and material reporting


Helps to plan, schedule, dispatch and monitor the resources out in the field - along with status reporting and Key performance Indicatior visibility.

  • High volume of assignments including coordination of multiple subcontractors
  • Scheduling based on maps, positioning and optimization.
  • Automation and Optimization due to real-time changes
  • Real-time monitoring, reports and KPI visibility


Comprehensive range of functions to interact and be transparent with the customer.

  • Automated Appointment Booking
  • Status visibility and customer-relations functions via the customer portal
  • SMS, automated physical mail distribution and other functions to keep the customer in the loop

Flexibility built-in going for Efficiency

  1. React to real-time changes. The field service person or field service team is late, who will be affected? Is it possible to replan? Or the Back-office team has everything planned, then 20% sickness in the morning. Or the end-customer who wants to reschedule the meeting due to traffic jam. 

  2. Handle Emergency, Preventive Care and Daily Work processes simultaneously. This real-time flexibility means efficient use of resources big time.

  3. Work even if the Organisational model is changed. Or will be changed. Blå Coordinator is built to support multiple organizational setups with a focus on managing subcontractors. 

  4. Adopt different levels of planning. From decentralized planning to optimized and centralized planning of the field force.

  5. Manage different levels of reporting, From reports "work done" to detailed reports, from one workorder to another.


Blå Coordinator Studio - The tool to design Your specific workforce management solution

The Blå Coordinator Studio tool which is part of the Blå Coordinator development toolkit provides rapid drag-and-drop functionality not only during implementation but also when performing business process analyzes and design of Your WFM solution.

With the tool it is possible to build statemaps and report forms on high-level basis without making any code implementation. These entities may then be evaluated with end-users and business process owners directly in Blå Coordinator Studio.

Getting ready for real-time workforce assignments

System Environments

Blå Coordinator can be installed either On Premises or used as a Cloud service.

Getting Started

Blå Coordinator is easy to install. It's easy to design and change the business rules, see below. We recommend a gradual roll-out of Your WFM solution together with training to tune according to end-user feedback. 

Depending on Your specific need, Blå Coordinator can be configured by using one or more of six Blå base modules

For specific large-scale projects like the rollout of smart meters we have configured Blå Coordinator into the Smart Meter Rollout package with a predefined workflow - ready to use.