Field Service Management Solutions

Our software helps service organisations working with installations, operations and maintenance, equipment service, asset management, after-sales and rental operations to manage and keep control of several parallel processes, locations, SLAs and entities involved. The support helps you prevent a number of inefficiencies resulting from manual paperwork and delayed communication while creating efficient transparency between the planners, dispatchers and field workers.

To increase efficiency and manage staffing many field service organisations have decreased the percentage of their on-staff field service workers and increasingly use many different contractors, subcontractors, service organisations, and other external resources to keep up with the field service demand. Mixing so many different external resources with your internal resources tends to be much more complex to manage.

This can create severe bottlenecks and inefficiencies if you aren’t able to get everyone on the same page and eliminate silos and miscommunication. Being properly prepared for each assignment and having the right tools and information easily accessible is crucial for field service workers. This is especially difficult when processes are confusing, bogged down by paperwork, and dependent on the back office, with many individuals and entities involved and confusion about who is responsible for what. 

We help you digitise your field service operations

We use a low-code, flexible platform that’s easy to integrate with all your other systems and adapt to your unique needs with customisable process flows and associated information. Our solutions have pre-designed processes for common areas to manage such as installations, emergency calls, inspections, logistics handling and additional sales.

The software helps you enhance operational efficiency and manage a blended workforce, serving as a digital hub for secure and real-time collaboration with powerful automation-driven resource management optimisation, cross-device mobile support and data-driven insights.

It is designed for easy integration with other important information assets, such as ERP, CRM, AM etc. A common game plan orchestrating numerous internal and external actors as well as connecting systems helps you control and handle a great number of parallel workorders and still deliver according to SLAs with efficiency.

Reduce administration and improve overall efficiency

The transparent digital flow between all involved actors and systems enables efficient collaboration and the automation-driven resource optimisation ensures that the planning, scheduling and assignment of all resources are optimised in every situation. The software helps you simplify complex business conditions and keep control of numerous parallel SLAs, contractors and customers. The facilitated exchange of information with real-time reporting from the field, prevents a number of inefficiencies resulting from manual paperwork ensuring high data quality, accurate cost allocation and reliable billing information.

Continuously measure and develop your field service with consolidated data

The system can integrate with all relevant internal and external systems to collect and analyse information in real time. Displaying the most important business information on one page to visualise what is happening in real-time and give support for forecasts and data-driven decision making.

Improve the work environment

Pre-defined processes, mobile support and available information ensure fulfilled requirements for work safety, make it easier to do the right thing right, and reduce personal dependence of individual field workers. The field service technician will have task-specific information available in advance and process support on site from a mobile device.

Supercharge your CX

Streamline customer interactions and supercharge your CX with an efficient process, ongoing dialogue, personalisation and self-service. Neither customers nor field service workers want to have to manually request updates or spend time playing phone tag to coordinate appointments.

Assure quality in the field

Conformity with SLAs and quality metrics is ensured by standardising field service processes. The system gives field service workers access to accurate case information on the customer’s contract and assets, the property on which service is performed. Service deliveries correspond to the agreed upon level. The real-time reporting gathers case data and documents both the delivered quality.

Industry specific workflows

Our solutions are based on our platform isMobile Coordinator with flexibility and knowledge built-in. We have pre-designed solutions with industry specific workflows ready to be tailored to our customers’ business.

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